Karnali River Rafting is considered as one of the best rafting rivers in Nepal. Rising in the vicinity of Tibet's holy Mount Kailash, the Karnali carves the Himalayan landscape into a series of magnificent gorges and canyons as it descends slowly into the forests of western Nepal. Seasonal snow melts and storms can cause the river level to swell drastically and create the extremes of white water rafting. Karnali River is full of challenging rapids,  rafting and kayaking opportunities, fishing, and jungle safari. Karnali River rafting passes through pristine jungle area and wilderness providing the opportunity to see rare wildlife and forests. The river rafting also offers to experience Tharu culture and jungle adventure activities with camping stays on the river bank of Karnali River. Rafting continues with bouncy and exciting big rapids which can be one of the finest rafting trips ever made. As the river flows through some quite narrow canyons the flow of the water increases, as does the frequency of the rapids. In low water the demands on the rafter are more technical, though equally exciting. Rafting/kayaking is an ideal trip for those wanting to combine peaceful stretches of stunning scenery, some great and challenging rapids and the experience of a lengthy trip where lifelong friendships can often begin.

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Tips Facts


Day 01: Kathmandu to Nepaljung, Drive to Karnali, Stay Campsite
Day 02-08: Periods for rafting the Karnali River
Day 09: Flight to Kathmanduand camp nearby Harkapur.
Day 4: Rafting about 4 hours with class 4/5 rapids and camp.
Day 5: Rafting around 4 hours with class 4 rapids and camp near Rasuaghat.
Day 6: Rafting on whitewater class 4 rapids and camp on sandy beach.
Day 7: Raft about 4 hours through "Bigdipper" and camp below rapid.
Day 8: Rafting about 2 hours till Chatara. After lunch drive back to Kathmandu.
Day 9: Arrive Kathmandu

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