Phoksundo Rara Adventure Trek with Explore Dolpo is in a way the trekking trail very well known only by the expert native guides of the region. This trek takes you off the beaten path, as our guide takes you on a trail used only by locals and which is virtually unknown to commercial trekking groups. We pass through villages where the lifestyle of the people reflects their ties with Tibet and Tibetan culture.

We follow the ancient Tibetan salt caravan route, across high passes and through the wilderness in one Nepal’s most remote areas. We visit ancient Buddhist and Bon monasteries and take you into the regions of truly amazing lakes like Phoksundo  and Rara. As we pass through alpine meadows filled with wildflowers, the snowy peaks soar up right above you in the horizon, where the silence is broke by the wonderful gush of glacial streams- a heaven inside e...

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Tips Facts


Day to Day Itinerary 

Day 1
Kathmandu to Nepalgunj

Day 2
Nepalgunj – Juphal [2475m] – Chhepka [2720m] 

Day 3
Chhepka – Ringmogaun&Phoksundo Lake [3641m]

Day 4
Ringmogaun – Phoksundo Lake view point – Ringmogaun– Pungmo [3500m]

Day 5
Pungmo – Kagmara La Pass [5115m] – KagmaraPhedi [3500m]

Day 6
KagmaraPhedi – Kaigaon [2610m]

Day 7
Kaigaon – MaureLanga pass [3894m] – Chotra [3380m]

Day 8
Chotra – Gothichaur La [2995m] – Jumla [2540m]

Day 9 
Jumla – Daphe Langa [3691m] – Chautha [2807m]

Day 10
Chautha – Ghuchi Langa [3480m] – Rara Lake [2980m]

Day 11
Rara Lake – Talcha

Day 12
Talcha- Surkhet or Nepalgunj

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