Named on a legendary myth that says, high in the Himalaya at Gosainkund the god Shiva drove his trident into the ground to create three (tri) springs –the source of the river and hence its name Trishuli. The river has carved some truly impressive gorges in its lower part as it cut its way through the 2000 meter high Mahabharata Range. These gorges are also the route attached with the main Prithivi Highway and the road facing opposite side to the road is relatively wild for encountering view of some wildlife, a profusion of colorful bird, including eagles and vultures. For many people this river represents the ideal compromise rafting trip: just the right length of time, exhilarating rapid, but not too difficult, easily accessible from Kathmandu. The rapid on Trishuli are mainly big, bouncy and relatively safe; ‘flips’ (where the raft capsizes) or other accidents are rare in normal water condition, and if you wish, it is possible to walk around the few difficult rapid. Since the highway follows the river you have always have easy access to come back to Kathmandu in few hours after completion of the trip