Overview of Rara and Shey-Foksundo Trek

Rara and Shey Phoksundo Lake Trekking destination is one another popular trekking destinations in Nepal, located in the north-west region of the country. Rara is the largest lake in the country located at 6,563 m, the highest elevation of the country. While having trekking to Rara and Shey-Phoksundo lake, you will have a wonderful experience of having tour around the most auspicious trekking trails and the most serene natural landscapes.
While having trekking, you will have an opportunity to explore Dolpo, the hidden valley believed to have created by Guru Rinpoche --a Buddhist devotee, you will have an opportunity to explore numerous of Buddhist monasteries, Buddhists lifestyle, Buddhist culture, tradition, and lifestyles, the two glacial lakes situated at the highest point of the country, have magnificent views of the mountains among others. You will have an opportunity to explore the most serene and tranquil natural beauty, the herbal land, unspoiled trans-Himalayan culture, Buddhist monastery--Phoksundo Lake, monuments, well-preserved eco-system which is home to a number of flora and fauna, glacial lakes and you will also have an opportunity to have magnificent views of Kanjiroba peak, Phoksumdo Lake, and the Dhauligiri massif and many more, all these features have made this trekking region the most popular trekking trails in western Nepal.